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33 Trees

Detailed Information

The 33 Trees project is an open call for collaboration with the artist’s own series of magick marking creations that have been crafted to beautify and honor the trees entrusted to the artist on the property of the crestline creatrix matrix.

The Crestline Creatrix Matrix is a transformative eco arts studio and sustainability sanctuary offering these and other classes for artists of all ages. Drop in studio/making time in the outdoor Eco Arts sanctuary is available by appointment on a daily basis.

The Open Call:

Calling all San Bernadino County Tree Lovers:

Brief Project Sketch:

The 33 Trees project brings artful attention to tree matters in our San Bernadino County community, allows for a kind of civic pride in beautifying, planting and caring for the trees of the forest, and includes all manner and age of art maker.

The project includes an open call for collaboration with other San Bernadino County artists to participate in beautifying their own trees–and the call for entries includes photographs (jpegs) of the spectrum of art forms that can celebrate a tree, including, but traditional 2d and 3d art forms of all media, film, dance, poetry, jokes, music, &&&.

The coloring book and accompanying on-line gallery is generated by submitted jpeg offerings documenting each artist’s chosen self-expression art form. The art forms encouraged span the spectrum of all that can be done to celebrate a tree.

The trees impact the community in a myriad of ways. Helping to care for them is essential in this, and all communities. Perhaps the project will have an impact on reducing fire dangers, expanding fire safety awareness, and contributes to a more ecologically minded community.

San Bernadino County Arts organizations and Mountain Arts Network are invited for collaboration and contributions to this project.

The invitation to making:

Please make a love letter, drawing, elf or hobbit dwelling, fairy space or other photographable art installation for a tree you care for–make sure the love letter or art installation is made from biodegradable materials, and install that love letter art in, on or around the body of the tree you are honoring in our community.

Please photograph the installation you’ve created and send a jpeg for consideration to the jury:

Culminating Celebrations:

Submitted offerings will be curated into an on-line gallery hosted on the CCM website, and accompanied by zoom sessions for artist talks, a curatorial view of the on-line show and interactive performance offerings. An exhibition catalog can produced for e-book distribution, with a number of hard copy books available for purchase.

In addition, The 33 Trees Coloring book in response to the style of the artist’s original works will be created through an open call. Entries are envisioned as simple line drawings in black marker on 8.5×11” standard printer paper. Jpegs of the drawing are to be entered for consideration. These submissions are to be curated and assembled as a downloadable on-line document suitable for home printing.

Should funds allow, there will also be a number of actual books assembled and distributed to various locations that are both Eco focused educational centers throughout the county, and tree friendly, kid friendly places. A virtual color-thon with zoom invites and/or a socially distanced, masked gathering in local and regional parks is to be coordinated–and out-in-the-open, under a tree coloring will be encouraged.

Voluntary contributions are accepted in lieu of submission fees. $33 allows for hard copy exhibition catalogs and coloring books to be produced. Paypal offerings to or contribute through the curator’s website: Please mark your contribution as “33 Trees”.
To stay in touch on this or other projects of Beth Benson, @artmakerpoet, and the Crestline Creatrix Matrix, please fill in your information on this google form:

*Rolling submissions accepted. Culminating celebrations when enough artists have offered their entries.

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