2022-2023 Micro Grant Fund Goal
Goal of $25,000 8%

Arts Connection has been an essential advocate and organizer for arts and culture professionals in the region since 2013. Arts Connection draws together the existing resources and embedded community leaders in order to build regional networks that can address each of these area-specific needs. Through strategic partnerships with artists, artist collectives and other organizations, Arts Connection has been able to work in traditional gallery settings, as well as across the public sector, all with a deep community to relationships and community needs.

Arts Connection is committed to supporting innovative, community-driven projects that elevate arts and culture throughout the country and demonstrate the positive impact that the arts can make in every aspect of our lives.  We proudly support a number of community projects and organizations throughout the county through fiscal sponsorship. You may donate directly to them through the form below. The designation section allows you to select the project you wish to support.

Your active commitment to this growing network of artists, projects, organizations and cultural institutions across the county amplifies our collective voice.

We are grateful for contributions of any size.

If you would like to sponsor any number of our programs or fiscally sponsored projects,  including our Arts Innovator Micro Grant program, you may do so directly through the form above. Tell us what event, program, or projects you’d like to sponsor in the designation section.

There are many other ways to support our work. If you cannot donate money, we value your time and years of experience in the world. Please contact the office to volunteer with Arts Connection, or search our volunteer opportunities page for ways to get connected to a local project or event near you. Saniyyah Thomas is our Operations and Volunteer Manager; she can be reached at

Arts Connection is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and your contributions are tax-deductible. Our EIN is 46-3088038

NOTE: If you don’t want to donate online, please send a check (payable to Arts Connection) to: PO Box 1181 San Bernardino CA 92402, or contact us at