San Bernardino County
Cultural Asset Mapping Project

Arts Connection aspires to facilitate creative growth in a county that celebrates our cultural diversity, attracts and retains artists, art venues and cultural events.

San Bernardino County Cultural Asset Mapping Project

Through improved communication and collaboration we can increase opportunities and make cultural participation accessible throughout the County of San Bernardino, allowing all of our communities to prosper from the social and economic benefits of the arts and culture that are so deeply rooted here.

In 2015 Arts Connection launched a cultural mapping project with support from ESRI’s ArcGIS technology.  This map is ever-evolving as community members continue to populate it with cultural sites, present and historic, venues, galleries, museums, art studios, performing arts centers, community centers, colleges, and businesses that contribute to the life and character of the county. The process, which is ongoing, has already helped us to mobilize local assets, and provides us with a tool that has already increased organizational capacity throughout our region as we undertake larger collective projects.

From 2016-2018 Arts Connection staff assisted in developing the Morongo Basin Strategic Plan for Culture and Arts and the Morongo Basin Active Transportation Plan.  The cultural mapping project was a significant resource. Artists and community leaders were involved in every stage of the planning process for these projects and included public engagement portions for each.  You can explore this work in more detail here.

The San Bernardino County cultural asset map also serves as a new model for other regions, showcasing ArcGIS technology as a critical tool in the community development and engagement process.

We believe where geography meets culture, a community is born.

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