Arts Access in the age of COVID – Guest Speakers Rebecca Hamm and Nancy DeDiemar


This lunchtime dialogue, hosted by the Chaffey Community Museum of Art, in partnership with Arts Connection – the Arts Council of San Bernardino County – will highlight current adaptations arts organizations, galleries, schools and museums are making to keep audiences engaged now. As a group we will share how we are adjusting to a future where social distancing redirects how we interact with each other and the art forms we love.

Our dialogue will be guided by two regional thought leaders-

• Nancy DeDiemar, board chairman for the Chaffey Community Museum of Art and chairman of the Ontario Festival of the Arts, will discuss the diverse range of arts programming the City of Ontario has developed through its unique focus on public-private partner ships. She will share key strategies and successes in developing relationships with a city liaison and arts champion, if you don’t already have one! She will also discuss how the musuem is evolving inthe new landscape and welcoming change.

• Rebecca Hamm, Director of Arts, Tierra Del Sol Foundation, will share with us practical ways to increase our knowledge and awareness of accessibility issues in the arts – who and what to consider when planning events and programs and how to develop a more inclusive approach in planning, facilitation, and promotion.

After this inspiration and learning, together we will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by the quarantine, as well as creative solutions and potential partnerships that have yet to be identified.

This gathering is for artists of all backgrounds and mediums, educators, community members, and regional leadership. Please share with others in your networks that you know would be interested in this kind of dialogue.

Free and open to all. Once registered, you will received the meeting login info via zoom. 


Creative Pathways is an Arts Connection initiative to reinvest in our regional commitment and to explore the next steps forward for the arts. These paths will guide us towards a permanent position for arts and culture in the county’s development. In order to do this, we have to work together. We need to expand local and regional capacity by drawing together and leveraging the expertise and experiences of our existing countywide and regional creative professional networks. Creative Pathways is a series of convenings, workshops, and events which we will collectively develop, co-host, sponsor, and attend throughout the year to amplify this effort and our unified voice for the arts.

Arts Connection – the Arts Council of San Bernardino County, is a state-local partner to the California Arts Council, designated by the County Board of Supervisors to serve the county’s citizens. As the local arts agency, Arts Connection is officially designated to provide financial support, services, and other programs to enhance the capacity of the region’s cultural arts organizations, individual artists, and the diverse communities of the county.