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Chaffey College Hip Hop Studies Summit 2023
Pyramids & Hieroglyphs: Hip Hop As Monument


This is an online “virtual” project, open to all media and practices that can be shared online using photographic, video, or other digital file formats.

Submission Deadline
DUE Sunday, November 27, 2022 (until 11:59pm PST)
No late submissions will be accepted.

“I be…building pyramids/writing my own hieroglyphs…
…Build your own pyramids/write your own hieroglyphs…
…Got our own pyramids/write our own hieroglyphs…”
~Kendrick Lamar

In 2018, when Kendrick Lamar won the Pulitzer Prize he asserted: “It should have happened with hip hop a long time ago.” And those in the community know it – they have always known it. Hip hop has served as a monument to the community, from the street corner to the stage, from the living room to the lecture hall. For those in the culture, the impact of hip hop has never been questioned and its value has never needed validation. So now, as those outside the culture begin to unearth and even uplift hip hop’s architects, those inside the culture have a newfound responsibility to preserve its rich history and reinforce its foundation(s).

We invite artists to consider how hip hop has existed as language, as landmark, as evidence and testimony of a people, as homeplace, as stability, as grounding, as artifact, as symbol, and as history. This exhibit seeks to survey hip hop as monument, recognizing its mighty presence in our lives-both personally and communally.

We don’t move pyramids; they move us.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions will be accepted via
Artists may be required to set up a profile on
By submitting original work, artists acknowledge and agree to allow their work (and the reproduction of their work) to be used for marketing this exhibition.
By submitting original work, artists acknowledge and agree to allow their work to be shared online, including, but not limited to:,, YouTube, and/or
Limit of no more than 1 application per user with a maximum of 5 attachments.
Based on the number of submissions, we may be unable to accept more than 1 image per artist.
All submissions must be original work and executed solely by the artist(s) to be considered for inclusion. Artworks may be excluded if there is suspected copyright infringement (including the use of music in video submissions).
Artist collaborations are acceptable.
The Wignall Museum will reject work that employs hate speech, that incites violence, or attacks protected persons or groups. Hate speech can be an image submission which incites violence or prejudicial action, or disparages or intimidates a protected group or individual on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

Maximum file size under 4MB and 4800px. If these size constraints are too limited, we can accept links to media hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, personal website, DropBox, etc. Please note that final display may be resized to1920px on the longest side.
Minimum image dimension 540px on the longest side for all submission.
For optimal image quality, recommended size is 1920px on the longest side.
Please ensure that you submit good quality images of your work. The Wignall Museum reserves the right to exclude work with images that are not clear, in focus, or well lit. Good judgement will be exercised to determine intentional photographic processes versus insufficient documentation.
If your work is a series or diptych, and needs to be displayed as such, please ensure you submit an image that contains the entire work in one image. Otherwise, a single image may be selected from the attachments.

Video & Sound
The Wignall Museum may host video or sound work on the Chaffey College website, Wignall Museum YouTube channel, or Wignall Museum channel in order to share it as part of the exhibition.
There is no size limit, but short video is preferable.
Video size should be 1920 x 1080 resolution. If the file is too large it will be compressed. If the file is too small it will be upscaled.
Audio work may be compressed as necessary in order to share it as part of the exhibition.
By submitting original artworks, artists agree that the Wignall Museum may present the work with any necessary accessibility features, as required by Chaffey College (this may include closed captions, audio descriptions, or other any other necessary accessibility features).

Roman Stollenwerk
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Hip Hop Studies Summit

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“4th Annual Hip Hop Studies Summit”
For all who love, create, and live for Hip Hop, in all its forms.

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