January 30, 2018

Fallen Fruit San Bernardino!

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San Bernardino, CA– Artists are integral to healthy communities, bringing people together, building community, and working toward social change. Arts Connection's Annual Conference creates opportunities for this to happen, and in 2016 Fallen Fruit presented the keynote at the University of Redlands and planted the seed for this project. There was an incredible response to their talk, and many who heard it expressed their desire to see Fallen Fruit do a project in San Bernardino County. Together, Arts Connection and Fallen Fruit submitted grant applications to the California Arts Council, the San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission, and SoCalGas. We were successful in our applications, and are excited to share the programs that we have planned.



                                                         Fallen Fruit present keynote at the 2016 Arts Connection Conference.


Fallen Fruit's project for San Bernardino will involve working together with community members in the creation of a living artwork. The project’s main site will be The Garcia Center for the Arts in the City of San Bernardino, with other programming taking place at the San Bernardino County Museum, The Feldheym Library, and sites in Victorville and Crestline (which are still being determined).  The project will include plantings of a variety of citrus trees at the Garcia Center, fruit tree adoption opportunities, an art exhibition, poetry and collage that will come together in a zine,  hand-crafted wooden picnic tables etched with community quotes, and other public participatory projects. Other local artists, including Printmaker Bob Hurton (aka Uncle Bacon) and Inlandia’s Poet Laureate, Nikia Chaney, will work with Fallen Fruit and community participants on the creation of the Zine. Mark your calendars with the dated below and stay tuned for more information and event registration!

Fallen Fruit was originally conceived by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work.


March 3-31, 2018               “Life in the Cracks,” an exhibition in conjunction with Fallen Fruit. Reception 3-5pm on March 3rd. 

March 10, 2018                   Fallen Fruit at the San Bernardino County Museum, activities will be held from 1-3pm 

April 21, 2018                      Fallen Fruit at the Garcia Center

May 12, 2018                       Fallen Fruit at the Feldheym Library

*San Bernardino County Museum activities will include fruit tree adoptions, collage and writing as part of a collective Zine, and "Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?" which invites participants to draw a self portrait on an orange! For museum entrance fees and information, please see their website here.

Below are some of the activities that will be taking place throughout the course of our project!

In exchange for drawing a self-portrait onto a hand-picked orange, each participant receives a glass of organic orange juice. Collectively the orange self- portraits create a group portrait of everyone who joins us! Hand-drawn expressions illustrate joy and innocence as well as wisdom and age. During the project we will take portraits of participants along with their self-portraits and record stories about neighborhood and families of San Bernardino on the theme of ... “Orange you glad...”  Black markers and 100 hand-picked oranges become the drawing materials for self-portraits. Participants are asked to draw a picture of themselves on the orange without using a mirror in exchange for a glass of fresh orange juice. We will upload and tag photos of the participants which will strengthen community bonds and public interactions. People can use the portraits on social media accounts as icons and avatars with hashtags #sanbernadinocountymuseum #orangeyougladtoseeme

                                                                     Community portrait, a la orange!

Join us! Fallen Fruit Magazine brings together public participation, local histories and story-telling. Using strategies of collage this temporary team of culture advocates use fruit as a symbol, object and/or subject to create original editorial content to produce in one-day a site-specific limited edition contemporary culture magazine. Each edition is unique and is editorially focused to topics and subject matter that is historically meaningful to the neighborhood and/or region. Freedom of speech! Free enterprise! Power to the people! Share your fruits!
Magazines are assembled in 2 collaborative actions: 1) Story-telling/memories, critical theory, creative writing and interviews with real-time content creation by invited guests artists, cultural leaders and the public. 2) Drawing from our project, 'Fallen Fruit Factory,' we create cut-out collage, hand-made graphics, illustrations for written text, original artwork, and political posters all through a lens of local fruit and the agency of public space. Note: Fallen Fruit has a strong preference for project development in native languages and visual vocabularies that are dominant in the area where the body of work is created. The final document is edited in collaboration with a local curator and the art institution hosting Fallen Fruit Magazine. Editions are available to the public and electronic PDF versions are available for download.

We’ll create cut-out collage, hand-made graphics, illustrations for short written text, original artwork, current event commentary all through a lens of personal and local history, and contemporary culture. The final document becomes an electronic PDF available for download. Uncle Bacon (Bob Hurton) and Inlandia Poet Laureate,Nikia Chaney, will be working with us on this on this project.


What if instead of going to the grocery store for an apple, you just walked outside your door? We’ll create a real living fruit orchard planted by the public, for the public – a movement of citizens transforming their own neighborhoods. Neighbors adopt fruit trees and plant them next to the sidewalk to share with the community. Participants sign an adoption form, agreeing to care for and share the fruit tree. Trees are mapped on the San Bernardino Endless Orchard Map - where anyone can map, plant and share fruit. The anchor of this map will be 12 trees planted on the grounds of the Garcia Center for the Arts. Participants will attend a planting how-to and fruit care clinic before receiving their adopted trees.


Fallen Fruit San Bernardino was made possible by grant funding from the California Arts Council, the San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission, and SoCalGas. Thank you to all of our funders and special thanks to the San Bernardino County Museum for their partnership!




                   The San Bernardino City Fine Arts Commission                                       





Artist and educator living in Redlands, CA.  

Website: www.giudiciwallis.com
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