February 1, 2014

Noreen Lawlor, Cat and Rik Livingston to Exhibit in Wonder Valley, CA

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Noreen Lawlor, Cat and Rik Livingston to Exhibit in Wonder Valley, CA Glass Outhouse Art Gallery

The new exhibit at Glass Outhouse Gallery will run February 1st through February 28th and will include Noreen Lawlor:

I am an artist and a poet who lives in J.T. I work in various mediums. and sometimes combine my poetry and art.  I have recently participated in the Art in the Park show and won a first prize in the recent judged show at the 29 Palms gallery. I am in the process of setting up a forthcoming Medusa in J.T. show that involves both art and poetry. The current show at the Glass Outhouse will feature my works from life models. My part of the show is called "I am sitting in the Glass Outhouse until my hair turns blue. Life paintings, sculpture and silly poems  by Noreen Lawlor."

Also showing is Cat Livingston. "Dolls Alive!" is Cat Livingston's exhibit of photographs of coin operated automata, and vintage and antique dolls. Some of the images will be included in a Zono Art Productions postcard book that is being developed.

The third exhibit at GO Gallery will be "Monster Movie" by Rik Verlin Livingston, also of Zono Art Productions (ZonoArt.com). Rik's been hard at work in his "laboratory"  transforming old Hollywood horrors, such as Frankenstein and the Wolfman, into fun paintings with a retro, surreal feel.

This show celebrates the West Coast release of Rik's latest comicbook, "The Basement Sublet of Horror #1," released as a promotion for the television/internet show featuring horror host Gunther Dedmund. (BasementSubletOfHorror.com)

This collector's item comic will also be simultaneously released on the other end of the Morongo Basin at HooDoo in Old Town Yucca Valley, CA.

Rik  Verlin Livingston



How can we encourage the sort of mental and spiritual dexterity and social evolution that will allow us to thrive in this post millennial world? How can we change to cope with the changes that challenge us? How can we be happy, how can we have fun, when the impediments and cynicism loom so large?


It is the ARTS that develop imagination and problem solving thinking - that encourage inspiration and innovation, that bring joy and color to our existence. Zono Art Productions! (or Z.A.P!, for short) exists to promote the ARTS - and have FUN doing it!


Zono Art, stylistically, makes use of mass culture imagery, appropriating a popular visual vernacular, caricature method and cast off materials in seriously humorous, Post-Pop artworks of layered meaning.

It is my sincere hope that viewers will be inspired to see society and life in general, with a brightened heart and new eye, and that, in some modest measure, this will help promote positive change in our world.

Website: zonoart.com/
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