December 9, 2015

City of San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission Grants Featured

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The City of San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission grants will be made available to qualifying non-profit arts organizations, Parks and Recreation community centers, and classroom teachers within the City of San Bernardino for the enhancement and support of city-wide art and cultural programs of benefit and interest to a broad segment of our population.

Funding considerations for approved programs will be for a one-year period only.


Qualifications include:

 Non-profit status (501-c-3) arts organizations; or Parks and Recreation arts classes or public schools either within the city of San Bernardino or those in which at least 50% of the students live within the city of San Bernardino (i.e., SBCUSD or Rialto USD) 

Applicants who  partner with a local business for promotional or other collaborative purposes will receive higher ratings in the judging of grant applications.


Address within the city limits, except for schools that have at least 50%  of their students who live within the city of San Bernardino.


 A majority of the Board of Directors are residents of, or employed in, the City of San Bernardino or employed by public schools within the SBCUSD or specified schools within the Rialto USD (Rialto High School, Kelley Elementary or Garcia Elementary).


Grant funds are to be used for public performances, exhibits, classes and workshops held in the City of San Bernardino, or in schools which have at least 50% of their students living within the City of San Bernardino.


Visual and Performing Arts Grant requests must relate to one of the following categories to be eligible for funding consideration.


Established producing organizations offering  training, exposure,  opportunities and/or creative resources for vocal and instrumental experiences. 


Established producing organizations that teach, and present dance performances.

Visual Art

Established producing organizations whose programs involve the experience of creating and/or presentation of visual art.


Established producing organizations whose primary purpose is to create and/or produce legitimate theater, musical theater, mime and opera/theater works.


Literary Arts

Organizations which provide experiences in creative writing, either poetry or prose that culminate in a reading and/or display of the creation.



Organizations which provide experiences in film-making (production, acting, directing, etc.)



Applicants must follow the general instructions.


All materials must be typed so that they can be photocopied..


Use space provided for program description, need statement, intended results, future objectives and history/background.


All supplemental information should be on plain white letter-sized paper and must refer  to corresponding application section number. 


Twelve sets of the completed application along with all programs printed during the most recent fiscal year must be submitted to the Fine Arts Commission no later than 4:00 on February 11, 2016.  .

Be sure to complete the checklist in order to make certain that you have included all required information. Keep this for your personal records.

Submit all materials to the following address:


Fine Arts Commission

Office of the City Clerk

City of San Bernardino

300 North D Street, 2nd Floor

San Bernardino, CA 92418


Omission of required information, without explanation, or failure to complete the forms in accordance with instructions may be cause for the applicant to receive a lower rating for funding consideration or be rejected.

The application should be assembled with all pages numbered chronologically and fastened by a simple staple in the upper left hand corner.

 Information sessions about application requirements will be held on Thursday, January 21 and Tuesday, January 26, 4:00, at the 6th floor Conference Room at San Bernardino City Hall.


For application and more info click here.

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