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January 22, 2014

Revenge of the Chaffey Review Film Festival

Written by  Kimberly Johnson
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Revenge of the Chaffey Review Film Festival Chaffey Review Film Festival

For over 5 years, the progressive works of creative literary journal, The Chaffey Review, have been at the forefront of truly noteworthy creative college endeavors. The internationally dispersed journal—containing evocative art and writing from contributors worldwide—has opened dialogues, exposed the taboo and addressed various subjects and themes that not only find relevance for the traditional college demographic, but for art enthusiasts of every age and creative capacity.

Somehow, the fearless participants of The Review find time in between their college careers and communal responsibilities to extend their energy outside of just the classroom expectations of English 35. In between making headlines for their controversial content— having been scrutinized and criticized for their apparently painfully poignant works—the Chaffey Review has found yet another outlet to further their activity in the arts.

The Review will hold their second annual film festival on Feb. 1 from 6-9pm. The event will be held in the theatre of the college’s Rancho Cucamonga campus. Michelle Dowd, Advisor for The Review notes, “The films all cover an array of comedy, drama, documentary to musicals. What’s great about this festival is that budding film directors do interesting things experimentally that you don’t really see in mainstream films. I don’t think many people really get the opportunity to see these things. You can watch stuff on Vimeo, but not many get to see it on the big screen sitting with other people and get the whole experience. I think it’s unique.”

The event is in commemoration of the release of the journal’s 11th volume which will be premiered during the festival and available for purchase. The festival will, of course, include the main attractions of the evening—independent films from students as well as filmmakers abroad—but will also feature music performances from Los Angeles act, Pixikill and Chaffey natives, FutureLove. Of the several enticing amenities surrounding this festival, let us not forget that this evening of films, tunes and food is 100% free and open to the public.

The Chaffey College Review has worked tirelessly to offer a journal of creative exploration that resonates with college peers and the public alike. They have as well set out to execute the same with their upcoming festival. “It is completely student run—completely. I am faculty advisor, but those students chose every single film that was in there, said Dowd. “I think what happens with a festival that is completely student run is you get a perspective of young people. I think that it’s really great to get a perspective from students who are just at the beginning of their careers and thinking about what speaks to them.”

Join The Review in celebrating honest literature, captivating visual art and innovative filmography at the second annual Revenge of the Chaffey Review Film Festival on Feb 1.

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